[Not a bug] Eldritch God Set missing 4-item bonus

After equip 4 Eldritch Set items, the corresponding set bonus does not display properly (as seen in the attached bonus)

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Also missing from the in-battle bonus list

The abilities are beyond human perception, accursed with eldritch knowledge they are unreadable!

…I need to play less BG3

I chased this up with the team and the bonuses for 4 & 6 pieces have not been released yet! I’ll try and suss out what these mystery bonuses are so I can share that information in the meantime and see what the ETA is for those.


hahaha, i gotta hand it to ya… that is a LEGIT AWESOME response, haha.

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hahaha, thank you :sweat_smile:


Eldritch God Set


When matching Light Gems 10-60% chance to gain a random Buff for 4 turns.
When matching Dark Gems 10-60% chance to inflict a random Debuff on the enemy for 4 turns