[Not a bug] Hex is not stacking correctly

Screenshot_20220906_212901_Puzzle Quest 3

Autumn Blast puts hex on the target, but after i cast Channel Darkness it sets the stacks of hex to blank. I cannot tell if this is wiping the stacks away or the stack display is bugged. The spell effect of autumn blast seems like it is only getting +10% instead of +30%.

Because Channel Darkness Hex does not have a duration, it is infinite debuff. It’s not a bug, it just works that way. There are also spells and gear bonuses that apply infinite poison or poison the enemy for X turns.
If you want to get max out of Autumn Blast, don’t use Channel Darkness, try Darkness or Dark Machination instead.

That does explain it, but is that what is intended?

Hex should be either a permanent debuff or a turn-based debuff. Having it as both breaks spell interactions. I think they need to change Channel Darkness (and other similar spells) to have a turn count on the debuff. Especially since they have decided to add spells that are affected by the debuff turn count.

I get it, the game is evolving, but they do need to revisit the older items that have interactions that have changed so they fit the new paradigm.

Hey all,

The spell is currently working as intended and applies Hex with no duration.

We are currently working on going back through the older spells to make sure they are consistent going forward.

‘a feature, not a bug.’

ok sure. I look forward to you ‘not’ fixing this in the future.