[Not a bug] Incomplete Dragonking Set

There are only 5 pieces of Dragonking Set (one for each chapter of Season 1)
So maybe you forgot to change 6-piece bonus to 5-piece bonus?

Or reward a Weapon from this set to people who gathered all the other parts?


There is a 6th piece of Gear from this set on the way, just waiting to hear back about an ETA of when it is releasing.


@Jeto I think it’s confusing that the new season is releasing a legendary item from what looks like a completely new seasonal set without finishing off the 6th item from the Dragonking set

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@Jeto I want to ask why the season 2.0 legendary gear (Fallen Star Helm) is not the 6th piece of the Dragonking set? We already have a helm for the set.
Also when can we expect to get the 6th piece of the set?

I missed this one:

Great, punish people who don’t play adventures.

Any updates on when the last piece will be released?

I do not yet have the specifics of which Adventure yet, as 2.1 just released.

I’ve been watching this thread constantly, hoping I haven’t missed the opportunity to finish out this set…
It’s been a busy week for the devs surely, but if you hear anything about this, pass it along here?

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Ive been wondering this too! Between not getting this adventure for the Dragonking weapon, and not getting a single Oberron’s Keybelt after opening over 100 Season 1.3 Ultumate Caches… well, i don’t know if I’ll ever be able to complete the Dragonking set.

Hey, this hasn’t fallen off the radar, we will update you when we have more info :slight_smile:

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@Kafka @Jeto Now that 2.2 is out, do we know when we’ll get the 6th Dragonking item that was supposed to come out after 2.1 released? Lol

I actually followed up on this pre 2.2 and thought I had already posted :smiling_face_with_tear:
Asked the team about this cos I knew this would come up and Sirrian got back to me directly!
Essentially, this is ready to go in game but we are updating the tools used to create new Adventures, as it cannot go into an existing Adventure.

I have been poking and prodding so no one has had a chance to forget players are waiting! But at the moment, it’s just waiting on this tool to be updated/completed.
As soon as that is sorted, the final piece will be in an Adventure.

Unfortunately this was not completed in time for 2.2 (as there is a lot happening and happened!) but fingers crossed for 2.3 but who knows what lies ahead. Appreciate everyones patience though!