Season 1.4 - Where To Spend My Death Marks?

Hello everyone.

I’m wondering, what are people doing with their Death Marks (DMs)?

I don’t really know what to do with my remaining and future DMs. So far I was able to acquire all unique minions and spells as well as the Duskside Helmet (my first Dragonking set item). I’m still missing two items from the Fallen set.

Will all of my DMs be converted to Ancient Coins at the end of this season? If so, should I just save them and try to get the other Dragonking items from the Arcive, once this season is over?

Should I buy more ultimate cashes and hope for legendary relics? I could really use some more …


Yes, they will be converted to Ancient Coins. Yes you should save them (from a collections perspective) to be able to have more chances at the other dragonking items.

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