[Not a bug] Not getting ancient coins

I’ve been playing this current adventure continuously for the last two days. I hit the milestone of 100 fae gifts from adventures earlier today, and I had started with only 5 or 6 completed. Anyway, I’ve done this adventure more than 100 times, hence should have at least 15,000 coins, as I buy each time through. I have not spent any coins since this adventure started, and I have less than 11k. Something does not add up here. Also note, I believe I had ~1600 coins to start.

Can you share you name code, so I can look at your account

My name code is: AVALONE_MHPR

Apparently, I’m posting this thread logged on as my husband, Kestrel.

The final reward in The Coin Collector is 50 Ancient Coins.

Looking into your account data, since this event began two days till about 2 hours ago, I can see you have completed this adventure 60 times, rewarding 50 Ancient Coins successfully for each completion - for a total of 3,000 Ancient Coins rewarded from The Coin Collector Adventure

This adventure also has a shop purchase for 100 Ancient Coins for Gold, and a second 100 Ancient coins offer for Gems.
I can see these were purchased a matching total of 60 times, which equals an additional 6,000 Ancient coins

This means a total of 9,000 Ancient Coins were rewarded from the adventure and from purchases. There is no bug nor any issues with these rewarded being added to your accout.


Thank you for checking into the numbers. If the above is correct, then you have a bug with the fae gift reward tally count from adventures. I was using that as my guide for how many times I’ve complete the adventure (hence the 100 tally count I listed above). I have received all the rewards from those goals - 10, 25, 50 and 100 already from doing this event. I hadn’t had any of them completed prior to the start of this event.

I’ve been playing through that Adventure myself, having not collected Fae Gifts from Resh before in Adventures and so far it is accumulating accurately.

But from looking at your data again, it appears the goal is triggering from completing some other action outside of the Fae Gift node - I’ve passed this onto the team!

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