[Not a bug] Warlock's brimstone effect counts out-of-battle mastery instead of in-battle mastery

After seeing how the abilities of runic mace and wristbands weren’t correctly counting in-battle mastery, I wanted to check the brimstone effect of Warlock’s imp gems. Each brimstone stack is supposed to increase dark and fire mastery by +2%. However, as it happened with runic mace and wristbands it is counting the mastery before the battle instead the actual in-battle mastery.

To show this, I started a battle with a 5,234 dark mastery build and 4 dark spells (70% increase in dark mastery). Therefore, I started the battle with 5,234 + 5,234 x 0.7 = 5,234 + 3,664 = 8898 dark mastery.

After exploding 1 imp gem, I should be getting a 2% boost to my current fire and dark mastery. That would mean 387 x 1.02 = 395 red mastery and 8898 x 1.02 = 9,076 dark mastery. However, I got this:

A quick calculation told me that the 2% is being applied to the mastery I had before the battle started: 5,234 + 5,234 x 0.7 + 5,234 x 0.02 = 5,234 + 5,234 x 0.7 = 5,234 + 3,664 + 105 = 9003

As I said before, this seems to be exactly the same issue as with runic mace and wristbands.

Thank you for your time and hard work.


Mmmm Brimstone issues return! I just have to check this isn’t one of those issues reappearing or it has just always been like this. Passed onto the team.

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Word back from the devs!

All the +% buffs in battle apply to the base stat value. The only exceptions are the ones that gain a bonus based on another stat, which will take the in-battle buffs into account.

So in the case of Brimstone, when you first gain it you gain +2% to your Mastery. This is combined with any other buffs to Mastery which will result in a final +% value to your mastery, which is what is shown in the final stats

TLDR; This differs from Runic Mace/Wristbands as their bonus comes from the value of a different stat, where this is a flat bonus that is applied to your [base] mastery, based on stacks of Brimstone

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Thanks for the explanation, it makes sense. A pity, it would have been great for brimstone to grow mastery counting in-battle bonuses :grin: