[Fixed] Are runic mace and wristbands working as intended?

@Jeto Runic mace and runic wristbands both give you a bonus based on your mastery values. Being in the same set as runic amulet and runic belt, which increase mastery values, we would expect that increasing mastery values in battle would increase the bonuses of the mace and wristbands (as, for example, the bonus from traarg gloves increases with increasing speed).

However, this is not the case. Both runic mace and wristbands give a fixed bonus based on pre-battle mastery, not even counting the mastery bonus we get from having more than one spell of the same color. Is this intended or a bug?

Thank you for your time and hard work.


Looks like it may not have been intended and is also an easy one to fix!


That was fast! Thank you very much, I have always been a fan of the runic set but I never though that limitation wasn’t intended. Now the set is even greater! :blush: