Old bug, still no progress - impressive!

Platform, device and operation system
Android and bluestacks

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened

Run party mode, expect it to work.

**How often does this happen?

Four player dungeon, every time, three player dungeon, every time, two player dungeon passed twice, crashed thrice.

I dared try again, this is the notorious BIG from way back when I at least started. Sometimes it would work. Then we all gave up on this gem mode I think.

For this to still not be fixed is surprisingly poor. Please, if you can’t figure this game mode out take it out completely. This is pathetic.

**Steps to make it happen again

Dare i say? Play the game.

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I figured it was worth posting again cause it orecedes the support humans in here. Salty couldn’t get it figured out or didn’t care.

I am sure there are plenty of old threads that can be bunchee into this with folks that have long given up on the game.

I can post fresh pictures but just at a glance the error codes even looked the same.

Maybe just play the game yourself. At least at difficulty x dungeons this happens all the time. And this is not a timeout, those take me around 4 minutes.

Just did a few more. Two people passed twice, once a third person jumped in it immediately crashed.

Criticism should end on a constructive note: single person parties work every time :wink:


Bump, looks unread.

Also, update. Party mode works! If only one person hits and carries all others, it does not crash. So it’s a bit like single play, and the crash is associated with a combination of two people plus hitting.

So this mode can be used to have weaker builds tag along and get a chest, just is quite boring for the tag alongside cause they really cannot hit and just need to sit back for 5 minutes or so. The minute anyone else other than the main player hit the game crashes. But even a four people party goes through every time if only one person hits.

So great job folks, against our judgement you did make something that works, if other than advertised and likely not as intended.