Plague Witch's Infuse poison is too slow

The gem removing ability of Plague Witch is quite slow. Instead of instantly making the gems disappear as other enemies do it removes some gems, takes a second for gems to fall, then removes a second batch of gems and again takes a second for gems to fall. 2-3 seconds may not seem much, but when casting 4 spells per turn makes it so that everytime I have to fight this enemy I feel quite annoyed. Could it be possible to make the effect of this ability happen faster?

Thank you for your time and care.


I agree. The animation of plague witch is significantly longer than other opponents. In fact, I feel that all the gem falling / attacking / spell casting animations are unnecessarily long. I would be really happy if there is an option to remove all animations.

Just to make sure Iā€™m thinking of the correct animation, as Plague Witch has two very similar.
Is it when they kind of slide back, hold for a moment and then lunge forward for their attack (being the spell)?

No, I am talking about the Infuse poison ability (removes up to 2 skulls and green gems from the board when the enemy casts a spell). Whenever we cast a spell this ability triggers and even though there is no animation for the witch, the gem removal and gem falling is 2-3 seconds long (for each spell casted).

I believe the problem is that the ability takes places during our turn, so it does not get affected by the fast button (the double arrow on top right), as it does happen with other gem removals that take place during the enemy turn and go much faster (goblin, unicorn, harpy ā€¦).

Thank you.

I came to 2nd this request. It is painfully slow to play against this character.

Ditto! Im hunting soulchaser crystals atm and that means lots of plague witch battles :roll_eyes: