Suggestion: Add setting to speed up / skip spawning enemy animation

As noted before by some, most players do want some way to speed up gameplay - and dailies take a bit too long - but the dev team may be concerned about game and economy balance due to past issues happening, for example, in Gems of War due to very fast gameplay settings.

Instead of speeding up the entire game cycle (example: gem matching animations), we could start slow by focusing first on the least engaging part of gameplay, where the player can have no interaction with the game nor see the board to think about the game itself - namely the enemy spawning cinematic transition (ex: Ogre walks into the room as the next enemy).

To that effect, we could add a setting to skip or greatly speed up spawning animations (whichever is easier for the dev team atm).
Given familiarity of speeding up animations based on Settings from GoW, this could hopefully be less complex of a change.

A side benefit would be to keep the board visible to the player longer, so they can continue to think about the matches for the next turn, since the animation interruptions can break lines of thought as well :slight_smile:

Optional / to consider later as necessary:

  • Setting to speed up attack and spellcasting animations as well, which further increases time available for player interaction with the game.