Playstation community group chat

Santandrix here, I started up a group on Playstation messages for the community on playstation to talk and share pictures and bring us all together.

Anyone can join as long as you keep it clean, family friendly and polite to each other. No drama.

Just fun.

Message me here or on Playstation and add me as a friend to join in our our group.

Thanks for reading and hope to see some of you and help each other grow.



We have hit 50+ players and going strong. Having this community has been a blast and its a way to bring us all together. Message me to join in.


Oh, and there’s no Jebus allowed in the chat either. Thank christ.


Why are you trolling me? Just let it go and leave me alone already.

@jeto is there any way I can block this person on here? I’ve been through enough with this dude in my life and I’d like to forget him all together.


You would save screen shots to try and prove me to be a bad guy. Sounds like you.

Ok so everyone knows this guy was in nemesis on gems of war with me

They would have conversations in guild chat about said things. Well if i would say anything him and his friends that he’s referring to would completey ignore me.

So after weeks if not months of this I asked them to keep guild chat for gems of war only.
And as you all see how negative he can be at times i asked him to retrain from that to not bring the others down.

So yeah like as anyone is when pushed to far i snapped because they couldn’t help themselves and carried on.

I am the guild leader need i mention so therefore as it is in most guild the leader makes the rules.

Share your screen shots dan. It will just show people how you are and hopefully learn to be very careful with a person like you.

If anyone wants to reach out to me to discuss this more I’ll be happy to and I’m not afraid of this guy.

And if you want to ban me then that’s fine too. Hopefully you can take care of this @Jeto because honestly I’ve had enough of his harrassment.


Have a good life man. I hope these are the last words we ever speak to each other.

I wish nothing but the best for you and your family.

Take care.


@jeto feel free to wipe this thread or delete it. I’ll make a new one another day. Thanks.

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I am going to close this thread as it has gone well off-topic.

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