[PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS LIKE IM FIVE IM TRYING TO REPORT IT] Dungeon frozen after alter selection

Platform, device and operation system
Samsung S10 5G

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I expect that after making my alter decision (gold, life, shield, mana, or power), the camera momentarily pans out, then pans in to focus on the next enemy in the dungeon.

However, immediately after the alter selection (and even before the camera has a chance to pan out), there are times when the game does not progress (freezes) and requires a force quit and restart. In this frozen state, the UI is complete unresponsive.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Intermittently; about once every 2 or 3 dungeon runs. Enough to be completely annoying, but not consistently every single dungeon run.

Steps to make it happen again
I couldn’t find a repeatable way to make this happen. However, I’m running the Portal of Blood dungeon on Difficulty X. The freezing occurs with different alter selections, so it’s not due to a specific alter choice. Also I find that this happens mostly on the first alter selection, but I just experienced it on the second, so it’s not exclusively the first alter selection.

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Hey team, is anyone else getting this as well?

I sometimes experience the same. The incident is as described by L1ndross88 in his post. But I am unable to replicate the incident consistently so I don’t know what triggers this bug.

Getting this pretty consistently after the second altar (the one after the mini-boss) in Skullkeep Difficulty I. Not every run, but most runs.

It does happen to me as well, but I experience less frequency, maybe once every 5-10 runs

EDIT: so I did 15 dungeon runs tonight and I had this happen 3 times; each time after an altar was selected. Previously when this happened all I thought to do was bring up the menu and choose to retreat. This time however I chose to close the application. When I restarted the application, the match resumed after the altar selection and I was able to complete the dungeon run. I was able to do this successfully all 3 times after the game froze/hung up after altar selection.

Just confirming that every time this occurs, I also restart the game and the dungeon run continues with the next enemy.

So I’ve been trying to recreate this and so far the best thing I can come up with is that if you defeat the enemy by casting a spell, a spell that also creates mana gems in such a way that there are no available board moves, and the next action would be that the board explodes and generates mana/deals dmg to the enemy per equipped spells, and between the death of that enemy and the board explosion, the altar prompt comes up, that seems to be at least for me the consistent repeatable event that results in the match hanging up. I was able to reproduce this result 5 times and each time the game hung up as a result.

Hopefully someone else can observe the same?


I’ve been noticing similar but hadn’t quite observed enough to be confident it was only happening in that situation.

So I support your theory.

Okay, i think I understand what might be triggering the bug, but could I pelase get someone to confirm?

  • defeat enemy by casting spell
  • this spell must also create mana gems in such a way that there are no available board moves
  • then, it must also be a spell where the next action explodes the board AND generated mana/deals damage to the enemy via

Actually you know what, I really need someone to break this down like I’m five. My brain hurts.

Ok I think I can recreate the issue.


  1. Be on the 2nd or 4th enemy of a dungeon (The one before an alter selection).


  1. Kill that enemy with a spell.
  2. The spell that killed the enemy must: (a) generate gems on the board, (b) make the state of the board immovable (that is, the board will auto-clear/explode at the start of the next enemy).
  3. Make an alter selection.
  4. Notice complete frozen state of the game.

I’ve tried different permutations of board states, and above is the only situation I’ve seen the game go into frozen mode following an alter selection.


Good summary @L1ndros88 . I was definitely in stream of consciousness mode when thinking through it earlier :smile:

An additional input to the scenario that allowed me see the effect consistently was in fighting enemies like Giant Scorpion, which also generate gems when taking damage. So if you are a paladin (or other class) using spells like Smite and Sunburst, you have an increased likelihood of a board state that is “immovable” upon the death of the enemy because of the flood of yellow gem creation.

Interestingly, when you exit the game after the freeze described in Step #4 and then return, the explosion effectively occurs as the board is repopulated with new gems, but the mana accumulation and damage that would have been done to the new enemy is effectively negated.


I have had this happen multiple times.

However, I have seen Wrathful Smite freeze dungeons at any point even when it isn’t at the perk choice screen due to how it interacts with gem spawning. It will often just softlock the game with Wrathful Smite when battling Plague Doctor, Scorpion, and the final boss of the storyline. These all create gems on cast/hit that cause Wrathful Smite to often freeze any dungeons with them.

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I have similar experience with Wrathful Smite.
I have been trying to replicate it but cannot find the way to do it again.
But I’m quite sure it happened a lot when I faced the spider enemy too (when I killed the spider using Wrathful Smite).

I did some further testing since yesterday and also agree with @L1ndros88’s excellent summary.

Thank you for the clarification everyone, greatly appreciated.

We are looking into the issue where Dungeon altars are freeze after selection.

I can confirm this happens alot with my smite and just as you said it with no room for the gems and alter Bam! Frozen