Public Holiday Weekend

:sparkles: Australian public holiday long weekend: 26th - 28th Jan :sparkles:

Tomorrow we are closed for a public holiday, but will be back in action on Monday!

Except for me…

I am taking a week or so of birthday leave aka - wandering into the wilderness to never be seen again (till my leave ends)

You may be surprised to know there is more than just me behind the scenes in CX (unless you also play Gems of War) so our other wonderful CX team members will be here to help should any issues arrive in my stead! And I’m sure our great and powerful other Producer Morgs will keep an eye out too. :white_heart:

Would appreciate in that time not being tagged in any posts, so upon my return I am not swapped with a heap of tags for issues that will very likely be resolved by the time I get back.

Generally, there is no need to tag a dev in an initial thread post - the PQ3 Forum has someone around actively checking in so it’s not too often a new thread is missed

Have an amazing 2.5 Season, as it starts on the 30th of Jan and thank you all for a wonderful & smooth 2.5 update launch!



Have a nice holiday in the wilderness Jeto, with a lot of fun, nice weather and peaceful days.
But pls … come back.
Ah … and happy birthday


Have a great “week” off (or however long you actually take off because you’re a Time Wizard) and also Happy Birthday as well :birthday: .

We’ll try (no guarantees, forum warranties void where inter-dimensionally prohibited), to keep the secret of how peaceful the PQ3 foums are compared to the umm… “fun” the GoW side of the forums are. The rest of the CX Team is going to be jealous though at how well you run the ship here. :laughing:

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Hi hello it’s me Kafka, congratulations/condolences on having to interact with me for the next week.

We delegate responsibilities very professionally here at IP2. Jeto was chosen to look after you all on PQ3 due to her superior arm wrestling prowess. It’s a fair process which eliminates any jealousy from the mix.

Wish all the team a nice holiday! And to you Jeto, I hope that you get a well deserved rest and that you enjoy your birthday leave as much as possible! We will try to keep everything working as smoothly as it does when you are here :wink:

And, of course… Happy Birthday!!! :birthday:

Did you draw the short straw kafka? Well, it is only a week of babysitting us, if we haven’t managed to make Jeto go crazy during all this time you are probably safe. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Glad to have you here helping us out :slightly_smiling_face:

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Guess he will never babysit us again, he barley wrote 10 sentence regarding all that issues and threads that did come up since Jeto is in holiday.
Despair, frustration and burnout seems not to be only on our side of the street …


I have returned… please bear with me as it will take me a couple of days to catch up on everything from while I have been away.
That’s not just reading through the PQ3 forum, but generally all my responsibilities in CX.

ALSO, appreciate not coming back to being tagged everywhere and shout out to @Mother_Morgz & @Kafka while I have been away. We are a tiny team, so appreciate them checking in where possible :sparkles:


Yay, it is The Return of Jeto, welcome back! I hope you had a great time and enjoyed it to the fullest :slightly_smiling_face:

You surely chose the best moment to take your leave, you have probably avoided losing some years of your lifespam this last week. Poor Kafka and Morgz weren’t so lucky, although they have managed to keep the boat afloat despite our best efforts to open one hole after the other :grin:

In fact, the team will probably be so glad and relieved you are back that it may be the perfect time to ask for a salary rise. After experiencing the wilderness you have to tame every day I am sure they will be appretiating your great work much more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t worry too much about the rest of this week, if we haven’t been able to burn the place down yet it will keep it together for a couple of days more. We may have gone a bit overboard with the posting last week so take it easy with the catching up :wink: