QOL Request - Share Loadout

I’ve been meaning to suggest this for ages, so here it is…

Pretty much every time somebody shares their loadout on discord somebody else asks what is that item or what is that spell? It would be nice if there was some way to display your loadout with the item names and spell names included. This way you can grab a screenshot of that when sharing and nobody has to decipher what the items are. I even remember Jeto once asking on here what 2 of the items were in a loadout. No matter how involved you are with the game there is always items you don’t recognise and this is only going to occur more as more gear/spells are released with seasons.



Agreed, even a way to view other players’ gear in the same way as you can when fighting them in PvP.

Passed this one onto the team! Would also be so helpful for me so I don’t have to ask for your in battle pause menu loadout screen.

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