[Reported] Battleaxe needs to pick a lane

Testing today and conversation in house with kingdom memeber we find that the battleaxe extra dmg goes 1st to armour then once armour is depleted extra dmg goes to resistance ??? Axe needs to make a decision imo, is the extra dmg melee/physical with elemental +/- depending on enemy element affiliation? OR is the extra dmg purely elemental doing dmg to resistance then health after resistance depleted? :thinking: on a lighter note i would love the extra hit animation to return we lost it after 1 of the updates. Previously the axe would strike and the enemy would react to hit and then the extra dmg would make the enemy react like it was hit again even when out cold on the floor :heart_eyes: that was my favourite part of the weapon


Just to make sure, before I follow any Q’s up with the team - are you referring to Warlord’s Battleaxe?

Yes Jeto ty (post must be 20+ characters inserting filler here) :yum:

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So 5 months later this flaw in the weapon can and has been the difference between a flawless victory and death in the new pvp system :expressionless:

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*pats SJ consolingly on the shoulder

I’m sorry to hear this. You posted 5 months ago. Oh, yes, I read the first post from back in the day. Indeed, I have followed your axe around for some time now. It’s a saga…you and that axe. You need to do something about that axe of yours. You could have switched weapons by now, but you’re just sitting on your axe instead. Why continue to fight half-axed? You need to whip that axe into shape or get off your axe and move on. The new PVP systems demands a big axe and only big axes can succeed. I do pretty well in PVP and I’m a big ass…

I mean…axe.

Well, I wish you the best.

Your Friend,
Hinn Fallni

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