Bow bonus damage

Preface: I would much rather be playing the game right now…

Bonus damage on the bow is ignoring resist and is doing damage above and beyond the base damage. I believe this also affects the Warlord Axe.

Here I am in a PvP match with at least 50% Poison Resist. I forgot to grab the stats, but it was over 50% and likely 80%

Armor: 130045
Health: 30120
Resistance: 52718

Shot showing the damage of 36,740 (blocked Crit) and 16386 as poison. Where is that 16,386 number derived from? it is supposed to be 18% bonus poison damage, but 18% of WHAT?!?!
16,386 is 18% of 91,033
Damage before the block?
Damage after the block?
Damage mitigated by poison resist?

It is very difficult to even know where the bug lies since there are at least three variables that are not obvious given the in game data.

Armor: 93305
Health: 13734
Resistance: 52718

Bonus damage from the bow (and axe) should be mitigated by elemental resist, AND should be based on the landed physical damage, not the pre-block damage. In this case should have been 18% of 36,740 mitigated by 80% poison resist, resulting in 1323 damage directly to health.


Here is the video of the event.

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Not going to be 100% exact because of rounding and not knowing the exact poison resist %, but sufficiently explainable:

Presuming 80/80 block:

36,740 / (100% - 80% block) = 188,400 base skull damage.

188,400 * 18% carried over as poison spell damage = 33,912 poison damage.

33,912 * 50% poison resist = 16,956 net life true damage taken. :white_check_mark:

It’s always been this way since beta for these weapons. This (flawed, IMO) mechanic is why it is so easy to defeat a player who blocks because the raw unmitigated damage carried over to the bonus damage calculation for someone with very high crit damage ratios can reach into the millions, which even with decent resist amounts can be nigh impossible to defend against.


I had a dev also double-check this and they said everything is looking all good, but they mentioned there are some fair points of feedback in here generally as well.

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