[Not a bug] Error in Warlord's battleaxe feature

Before 1.5, Warlord’s battleaxe attack can cause additional damage.But now it’s gone.

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We have not changed the details of Warlord’s battle axe for some time, long before 1.5.

Did you have Barrier active by any chance? Also checking how it interacts with AP mode.

I too am using the Battle Axe

Can this please be checked and confirmed
a) Does the “Deal 25% bonus melee damage as Fire” mean it takes it off Armor (Not resistance)?
b) That it is working correctly?

Hey everyone,

When using the Warlord’s Battleaxe and you are noticing the extra damage is not being applied, just confirming, Barrier is also not active?

It seems to work normally,thanks.

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Start of battle - Turn 0

Perhaps the Wyvern’s “Imperfect Scales” is impacting this

Turn 0-1
Line up a one hit 3 skulls

So damage numbers don’t really line up - BUT - that could be because of the wyvern special
HOWEVER, notice there is NO resistance damage - so does the extra 25% bonus fire damage as melee mean exactly what it says
It’s doing +25% bonus damage as Melee?
And if so, is it also counting as “fire” damage element for enemy matchup who are good/bad vs element fire?

Enemy Turn 1

So in summary:
Could be working as expected
Can you explain how it is supposed to work? (Then I can compare to what I am seeing)

@Mythos shared your example with the team and was informed:
It is doing Melee Damage as Fire, as it describes so the Wyvern passive is likely being triggered. And anything that interacts with that element (being Fire) should also trigger.

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OK, great, thanks for the explanation

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