[REPORTED] Warlord's Mantle (Shoulder Armor), Dwarven Gloves & Lightning Bolt Spell are not working properly

Platform, device and operation system
Android, Realme 7, Android 10

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened

1. Warlord’s Mantle (Shoulder Armor)
This gear has a bonus of Spiked Shoulders: Reflect Back x% melee damage.
This bonus is not working properly.
Already checked multiple times, and any melee damage is NOT reflected back to the enemy.
The enemy’s health/armor is not reduced & there is no animation of enemy got hit/damage too.
Already checked both in PvP and PvE.

2. Dwarven Gloves
This gear has a bonus of Smith’s Gloves: Gain x Crit chance when above half health.
I already checked in battle and there is no additional crit chance bonus given by this gear.
The crit chance stat remains the same and does not increase.
Also is it possible that there is a typo in the text? Since it does not mention Crit chance as a percentage, only as a number.
So for example: Smith’s Gloves: Gain 5 Crit chance when above half health.
Shouldn’t it be: Gain 5% Crit chance when above half health?

3. Lightning Bolt Spell
The spell text says: Deal xxx damage as light, with x% chance to destroy 3 columns.
I already use this spell all the time and it NEVER destroys 3 columns or even any column.
The spell is not working properly.
I already use it for at least hundreds of Quick Battle PvP and it NEVER triggers (not even once) so you can’t say that maybe I’m just unlucky.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Consistent in the game.

Steps to make it happen again

Warlord’s Mantle:
Enter the battle by equipping Warlord’s Mantle.

Dwarven Gloves:
Enter the battle by equipping Dwarven Gloves.

Lightning Bolt:
Enter the battle by equipping Lighting Bolt spell.

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Can you please provide some screenshots on these issues and examples of it happening in battles?

Also, what is happening leading up to the use of the item’s in battle? Or is it consistent? The information on the animation/effect playing was helpful, thank you.

Hi Cyrup,

All of them are consistent in game.
I believe no screenshot needs to be shared since nothing happens.
The bonus/effect of these three items are NOT working - so there is NO animation or column destroyed, etc.
So what kind of screenshot is asked by the devs? Kinda a weird request in my opinion.
If the devs check/try to use these items in game, they’ll know exactly what I mean without the need of any screenshot/video.
The text n explanation provided are already very clear.
If they don’t want to check n fix these issues without any screenshot or video, then I’m fine with it.
I believe later when more players get these items, they’ll raise the same issue and maybe then the devs will take a look at them. :slight_smile:


As a heavy user of Lightning Bolt on my Paladin character, I can confirm that after using it for hundreds of times it never triggered the 4% chance of destroying 3 columns.

Platform, device and operation system
Android, Pixel 3a, Android 11

I’ve reported these issues. Not sure when they will be fixed, but hopefully with our next update.

These are fixed in the next update


I did not find anything error or bug in the game.
everything was perfect in the game.