[REPORTED] Elven Owl Helm passive not working correctly

Platform, device and operation system

PC via BlueStacks

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened

Per the text on the helm, I expect to 15 purple and 15 blue mana when matching a big gem +3

What is happening is I am indeed getting the +15 blue mana but am getting zero purple mana.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Every battle with the helm

Steps to make it happen again

Equip the helm and match a big gem 3+

I will include a screen shot of the helm text, in case I am just reading it wrong.

I’ve passed this on, thank you!

Hello, to help understand this issue:

  1. Can you please describe how often it happens in battle: Every time? Some of the time?
  2. Does it happen with a different hero?
  3. Can you please describe how this looks in battle… Are you seeing the animation/effect for the mana being gained, but it is not increasing? Or is there no animation/effect AND no mana being gained?

if you happen to have a video that would be great. Thank you!


  1. It happens in every battle and it is constant within each battle. In other words it fails to give purple mana each time I connect a 3+ big gem, every time I do so in a battle

  2. I currently have a necromancer, an assassin and a paladin. After testing, it happens on all three heroes, using different purple spells also.

  3. I’m afraid I’m not sure on the animation question. Either it happens too fast, I’m not sure what I am looking for there, or possibly is something I can’t see due to graphic settings.

I did grab 3 short videos (one on each hero) but I’m not sure how to upload them. I’ll search for info on how to do that and post them if I figure that out.

Edit: I PMed you links to the short videos