[Reported - Fixed in Next Update] Black Screen Of Death

Firstly - congratulations for getting rid of the “Buttons” bug when the game starts - the one where those buttons come up with Game, Settings, etc and it never leads anywhere. And congratulations too for getting rid of that pink screen with a black bar at the top loading bug. Haven’t seen it for some time now. But they seem to have been replaced with more instances of the “Black Screen Of Death” - the one where the loading animation comes up then this black overlay appears over the top of it and it never leads anywhere - the game fails to start. No sound, nothing but I still get the Samsung Game notification that I have logged in to the game over the top. Normally for me, trying to start the game begins with a “Unity Engine Failed To Initialize” error followed by any number of black screens of death as I attempt to restart. Today it was 9 BSOD in a row. Game works fine after it finally begins but I’ve never played a game so reluctant to even start.

I still get several variations of this when I start:

Unity Engine Failed to Initialise - need to close the app and launch again. I get this every day, sometimes more than once.
Black screen of nothingness - just sits there… black… doing nothing. Multiple times per day, sometimes multiple times back to back following force closing the game and launching it again.
Pink screen - like the black screen, just really bright pink. Also does not load the game.

Then if I’ve passed the loot box of opening the game and “won” the chance to actually load I’ll get please update your game. A brief glimmer of hope that maybe they’ve actually released an update… only to realise it’s the same 0.89MB update message we’ve had on every launch, restart and daily reset since the start of December.

So I check the forums each day to see if a dev has graced us with their presence or to impart some of their wisdom. Maybe post an update on the bugs highlighted right after the update, affecting all players daily just trying to launch the game.

Set the game to download updates only when necessary in the options to stop this one

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I got that update error too where it constantly needed to download a package so i thought I’d delete and reinstall the game and restore from a cloud save (which I’d done before successfully). This time it did not find a cloud save and there’d clearly been an update since my version which I imagine is why. I’ve played in development games before where they reach a point and just say “we’re scrapping this version and releasing a whole new game” so all your save data and game progress will be gone along with anything you may have spent money on and I with so many bugs can feel in my bones that this is where this game is going.


I’m sorry you’re having this issue.

Can you please let us know:

  1. Which device model you’re playing on
  2. The version of Android you have installed
  3. If you continue having this problem after updating to the latest game version which we released today

Updated to v39.1.16137 a few hours ago and just had the black screen instead of the game launching. Force close and launch again got in.

Google Pixel 6 Android 12

Pixel 4a, Android 12, build S2B2.211203.006, security update January 5, region Euro. Having a purple screen with a black bar at the top occasionally, and just a black screen occasionally, and the unity engine error too. definitely not fixed!

Same issue still happening here on Pixel 3a, Android 12. It seems to clear if I clear the standby status of all other apps, so it’s probably an initial memory heap allocation problem.

Hey hey!!

Thank you very much for answering those questions. I’ve let the Development Team know about this they’ve let me know that a fix for this will be out in the next update!

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if the next update is not going to be until March 1st, shouldnt something like this be pushed out sooner? Or is the next update coming sooner than that?

Hey all,

The fix for this will be coming through for existing early access players before World Wide (March 1st).

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