Small Update - Fix for crashing

Hey Adventurers,

We’ve pushed out a small update today which you may have noticed in Google Play.

This update is only to fix some crashing issues on a small number of devices, particularly on Android 12.

We have other updates in the works which will contain more in the near future and will post patch notes for those when they’re ready to go live :slight_smile:

Pixel 4a, Android 12, build S2B2.211203.006, security update January 5, region Euro. Having a purple screen with a black bar at the top occasionally and just a black screen occasionally, definitely not fixed, sorry!

Hey, that might be caused by something different. We also have some more crashing fixes going out in the next update, particularly the unity not initializing error that some players are getting.

Fixing the one where the game slows to a frozen-molasses crawl would be nice too. I don’t wanna restart the game every few battles, it takes me out of my farming groove.