[Fix expected 3.2] Game crashes on Galaxy S24+

The game is constantly crashing during battles on Galaxy S24+. Tried to lower graphics with no success. Anyone else having this?

Looks like the same other Unity games were having, but Pokemon go solved this long ago.

From my understanding when I last investigated this, it was an issue with the S24+ and OnePlus 12 (they use the same/similar hardware) but will follow up with the team if there is anything we can do on our side!
Additionally to this: I think any fix on our side would involve upgrading Unity, which is a hefty task!
At least, a large task for a studio much smaller than the Pokemon team :sweat_smile:

Please try to investigate more on this, I think it’s crucial for a live service game to be able to run on the latest hardware from popular brands, I might upgrade my phone this year and if all the latest gen snapdragons chips have issues with the game it’s something that should definitely be fixed or it’ll come to a point you could alienate a big part of your Android player base as time goes on and they buy new smartphones.

i don´t know how this processes work as I’m just a player, but can you work together with Unity team to try and fix it? i’m still playing on my PC and seriesX, but it’s nice to play on the go

Just want to add my voice to @sylviofurtado’s. I just got a new S24 Ultra and this has made the game extremely difficult to play on mobile. I’ve had a little success by going to the game booster settings, setting “Game optimization” to “Battery saver”, and “Low refresh rate” to on, which seems to reduce the crash rate from unusable to merely annoying.

Hopefully Qualcomm will get its act together and fix its drivers, but considering it’s been months already, I’m not holding my breath. Forcing every app dev to update for their games to actually, y’know, work, is not acceptable.

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Update - we are working to update Unity in 3.2 and considering if it is possible to do in 3.1.5