[Reported] Game restarts if there are no matches when full of treasure gems


During a recent KD match I managed to fill the board with merc treasure gems and had no possible matches. The board reset and the dragon attacked. and then I got an error (sorry, i didn’t save it). I was dumbfounded by losing out on all my hard work when I noticed the dragon kept trying to attack me. over and over and over. the game was shuffling the board over and over and over again.

So to reproduce this:

keep casting merc ultimate over and over and over until there are no other matches available and your game will reset. It would have been better if the merc gems exploded rather than crashing and losing out on my battle.

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Hey Rob,

If you happen to trigger this again, can you get a video and include the error message?
Assuming its an RE/CE error seeing as it trapped you in what sounds like a loop.

I’ll jump onto my Merc in the meantime and pass this onto the team!

Jeto - Support Human :mage:

the error message was RE-FEUEXYFF i’m not sure if i can get the video up yet. but same thing. ultimate filled all but 2 gems with treasure gems and the game errored while the dragon beat me up in the background

I have reported this problem a while ago. Warlord and Necro’s special gem also trigger this problem when they fill the whole board. Basically, the game tries to refresh the board to find a rearrangement with at least one possible match, which does not exist.

Solution should be simple: do not refresh the board / auto end turn when clickable special gems (Merc/Warlord/Necro) are on the board, even if there are no matches possible.

Another issue caused by the same problem. In some cases, I try to make a match and then quickly click these special gems while the timer is running. However, when there are no more matches available, the system just ends the turn automatically and do not allow me to click these gems.


hope you had fun playing your merc today!

@rob what’s going on with your armor? :sweat_smile:

Could walk to Mordor in that much protection!

i gained so much armor that i died, but paid 50 gems to revive and then gained a bunch more armor before i managed to fill the board with treasure gems and causing the game to disapprove of my strategies and opt out.