Old Problem Still Persists

Someone may have already mentioned this. Even after the new update the following problem still persists.
Often , even when one has more spells left in one’s turn, the board gets filled with gems, the message, No further matches - Turn ends, flashes and the board ‘breaks.’ One may not always get a stun.
As such, the player MUST still get the opportunity to play his next spell. What is happening now is that, the next turn automatically goes to the enemy. This is completely wrong.
This complaint was already mentioned much before the latest update. And this is a big drawback to the player for all the effort made till that point. One can easily lose the fight at that point.


Perhaps in this scenario, when the board is locked but no moves have been made, the notification pops up but must be tapped to trigger the board to explode.

This is because sometimes the board exploding is through bad luck and is not at a good time - it may not achieve a stun as well as not doing enough damage to kill an enemy, while you have spells available that could atleast weaken the enemy to the point that the board exploding would kill them.

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Yeah, I had exactly the same again yesterday. The board didn’t have any gem moves, but there were plenty of spaces for my spells. It was only a normal dungeon so not an issue, but still annoying all the same.

It’s problems like this that keep me from returning to Krystara.

Agree, this seems needlessly unfair. I set up my build to have a stun spell in reserve so auto triggering the board without giving me the chance to use it is, although a rare occurrence, frustrating. Particularly as my build is a glass cannon that relies on not getting hit.

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