Auto end turn still disadvantaging players

Resurrecting an issue from the Early Access Archive because it is still a valid problem in the v1.0 release.

The auto end turn calculation is continuing to penalise players, ending the turn early when they still had spells available to cast.

The original discussion can be found here:

Having encountered the same issue several times today playing on v1.0 it appears to be exactly the same as reported 6 months ago and in each update since.

Steps to make it happen again
Applies to all classes.
Play a round or two to charge up your spells.
Casting spells that create gems / convert gems is helpful to creating the scenario needed, as is fighting against enemies that alter the board when spells are cast or they are hit by them.
You want to hit a point where the board has no valid moves and triggers auto-resolve, but you haven’t touched the board and still have spells available to cast.

The player is penalised because they cannot cast their spells.
Some would alter the board through creating or converting gems.
Some rely on the board state to increase the spell damage.
Some non-matching gems can be triggered to change (Necro Ult gems).

In the previous discussion I understood the intention was not to penalise the player as a result of adding this feature intended to speed up the gameplay. Plenty of examples were given where it did, and continues, to penalise players.

Suggestions were also made on how to make it optional, or triggerable by the player.

Platform, device version and operating system
The problem is not platform specific and has been seen on both Steam and Android latest version.
The problem is in v1.0, but is not a new issue and has been around in atleast 0.39, 0.38 & 0.37


Getting really really tired of them never acknowledging this particular one. Especially now that the game has again been ramped up in difficulty making crap like this especially aggravating when you lose in a level 100 challenge because of it.

I just got screwed over by this exact problem and could have lost over 200 gems because of it.

I was going for a perfect score in the 3 day event but after casting 4 of my 5 spells the board resolved itself even though I had enough mana to cast my 5th spell. This would have made the difference between losing health or not. I lost health and therefore my perfect score.