[Reported] “End turn” suggested despite possible matches

I’ve noticed two cases where “End Turn” is suggested, replacing the AP diamond, despite board matches being possible.

I’m playing with battle style set to AP and with “auto end turn” disabled.

:one:. Gem converters

There were no matches on the board, so “End turn” was correct for a bit. But then I used a gem converter, setting up new possible matches. The diamond should flip back to AP. Example video (Sunburst)

:two:. Gem destroyers

The AP counter changed to “end turn” when a spell destroyed a large number of gems, but didn’t change back when new gems fell from the sky into matchable positions. Example video (Ice Storm)

This happens most often with effects that destroy (or remove?) large numbers of gems. I’ve seen it with Ice Storm, Lightning Bolt, and the Mercenary’s greed gems. But it doesn’t happen every time due to depending on what is destroyed and what new gems fall down.


iPhone 12 mini, iOS 16.3.1

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I have also experienced this. Once there are no more matches available you get the “End turn” and it will remain like that even if changes in the board create new matching possibility.

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This has been a bug for a long time and was reported previously. Although it may have only been reported in a longer thread and not in its own thread.

Passed this on to the team - I had experienced this myself, but had not considered it to be a bug as it was not forcing my turn to end, which has been an issue in the past.
Thanks for sharing the videos as well.

One more case:

:three:. Undo move

After swapping some gems, the “end turn” suggestion can appear (correctly). But it should go away if I hit the undo button: there’s at least one move possible (the one I just undid)