Turn ends if there is no gem matches but there are still charged spells

With the new AP system, you can now match gems before you cast all your spells, which is great.

But if you match all the available gems, and still have spells you can cast, your turn should continue until you end it manually. Instead it automatically ends when no available matches are available.

I think this is a bug, not a feature.


Have you tried to turn the auto end turn off?

That way, if there are no more matches left but you have spells to cast, the AP counter changes into “End Turn” and you can choose to cast the spells before manually ending the turn.

EDIT: as long as you haven’t used all your APs, of course.

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The Auto End Turn option doesn’t cover Action Points. If you use your last AP the turn just ends.

It does, but only when there are no matches left and you haven’t used all your APs. If you use your last AP then the turn will always end, whatever the auto end turn option is chosen. But sometimes you may have no matches left before using your last AP. If auto end turn is enabled, then the turn ends automatically and you cannot cast spells. If it is disabled (and you have spells to cast), then you can cast spells before ending the turn.


Turning off auto end is marginally better, as then you can cast your spells, but then if you have no spells ready and no gem matches you have to end your turn manually each time. That makes for an extra click each time. Not a huge deal, and in keeping with what auto end turn off means, but with auto end turn enabled, the logic should be if there are no matches AND no charges spells, then end turn automatically, otherwise don’t end turn.

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I agree, I believe it would be better if the turn would always automatically end if there is nothing the player can do. There is no point on keeping the turn when you cannot match gems neither cast spells (unless you want to contemplate on the choices made in the board and in your life).

For me, that extra click is not much of an issue but I agree that the best working of the auto end turn would be exactly what you said: “if there are no matches AND no charged spells, then end turn automatically, otherwise don’t end turn.”

I do not agree. Especially in KD I like having the option to wait and think about how the board will look like for the dragon, and potentially plan next moves in case the dragon leaves specific gems untouched.

The devs gave us a setting which is pretty straightforward - do auto end turn or do not auto end turn.
It doesn’t take much to get used to to both options. Now you are complaining that the setting does what it is meant to do and want to amend it to something else that’s in between the two options.

If they add a third option - cool, everyone is happy. However I do care if they have to change the existing do not auto end turn option to behave as semi-auto end turn.

The idea is not to change the do not end option. That stays the same. The automatically end option is the one that I propose be changed to only occur if there are no gem matches but unused spells (and AP turns left of course).

I don’t understand. If you have no matches to do neither spells to cast, what benefit is there from planning before the dragon makes its moves? Wouldn’t it be better to let it take its turn and then plan taking into account what you have in the board?

Well, my playstyle changed significantly since the introduction of AP mode.
I was on the verge of quitting, but I decided to put some thought and try new builds, even though I don’t have enough resources to experiment much.

In KD I’m using assassin with 4 piece Night set. Because my build is relatively weak against dragons level 15+, I need to carefully plan every action in order to survive and make it work. This means - I have to make as much 5 gem matches as possible per turn, take into consideration where the big gems will drop, etc. The first set bonus is a chance to generate 2 purple gems when casting a spell. Because of this, even if I don’t have any moves to do, I would like to see how the newly generated gems are have affected the board. Did they merge some of the matches, if they did, where is the new big gem going to drop, is it close to dragon color gems, etc.

I also have epic esgaard belt which has a chance to convert red gems into skulls when casting a spell. Sometimes a skull gets generated, and then the set bonus generates purple gem from it.

If the turn ends immediately, I won’t be able to see what got generated and won’t know what to expect for the next round.

@Wineryguy, thank you for clarifying. I realised that I missed part of a sentence in your original comment, and that made me think you want change in the do not auto end option. Note taken to read more carefully before commenting.

Thank you for explaining so into detail, now I do understand the point you were trying to make.

I don’t think this is an issue that needs to be inmediately addressed, I prefer devs to give their attention to more deserving matters. It was more of a matter of giving feedback than complaining or asking for changes. Good to hear your opinion about it.