Request: Auto-end turn switch

There are often times when there are no moves left on the board and the turn auto ends after a spell cast. But many times I still have spells to cast.

Can you create a option to allow us to confirm the turn auto-end is we are not in the process of making moves and still have spells left to cast?




Knowing when to explode the board is as much part of the tactics as when to cast spells. Sometimes it is favourable to weaken an enemy with available spells and have the board matches finish them off, or other times you want to trigger the stun, but the auto-end turn introduced with the last patch messes this up.

Having a button appear to trigger the board would be preferable as it allows us to control how many additional spells to cast before it happens. Some of those spells may in turn create the possibility for more moves to take place.

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I agree that autocompletion often breaks the whole tactic if the tactic of filling the board with stones of the same color is played.
And if the developers do decide to make an end-of-move button, that would be nice (probably too nice for me to believe that would happen!))
And there are non-critical situations in the game where I would like to end a turn without moving stones. example on the picture below: I would like to save a token from Ultima Assassin, but I have to combine it with the rest to end the turn.
Imagining the same situation with the paladin makes the picture even clearer.

I think this shouldbe seen as a punishment. Remember in PQ2 you lost all mana, when no combinations were left. I feel this is the same here. Don’t let it happen. It is especially painful when triggered before you meet the stun condition. So simply do not cast all spells when this may be triggered.

Hey all,

This is actually something I have discussed with the team before!

I don’t believe we have any plans to have their be any disadvantages to players for filling or even not filling the board in PQ3, in the future.
Especially for some (myself included), that is a really satisfying moment in the game.

If this button was brought in, would you expected it to only appear in situations such as this? So when there is no more moves to make but Spells have full mana

Or in all battle scenarios, meaning at the end of every turn you would need to tap an ‘End move’ button. Relating to @Kangaxx example of wanting to same some Gems.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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If the no more moves is a result of the player moving pieces on the board - happy for it to immediately end as it does now. All it does is remove the remaining couple of seconds that would have played out anyway.

If the no more moves is a result of a gem spawn from a spell, the player has no remaining spells or abilities to cast and their only remaining action would be to move pieces, but no moves possible - happy for it to immediately end as it does now.

Perhaps the tricky bit there is also recognising certain gems on the board can still be interacted with - the Necromancer Ultimate gems for instance can be double tapped to break them spawning skulls. I’ve had this auto-end turn too early a few times with that class because of this.

If no more moves comes up and the player has charged up spells I would like the option to control when the board auto-resolves. At that moment the player can still affect the board or the enemy and play tactically - go for a stun, put shield gems in play, chip away some more enemy health so the board move hopefully kills it.


I agree with Avengers summary
My suggestion is that the diamond in the centre of the timer (which shows the seconds remaining) could also be the “end turn” button - activated with a double tap

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If a move has been initiate by the player and the timer started, then there should be no need to push the “End Turn” button for that turn. The turn should end when the timer ends. If there are no available moves and the timer has already been started, then go ahead and auto-end the turn – that just helps to speed up the game.

But, like Kangaxx mentions, there are also situations where it is preferable to just “End Turn” without making any moves on the board. It seems like it would be impossible to code for when someone might want to use the End Turn button for strategic purposes, so I’d recommend having the End Turn button always available. That way, it can be pressed when needed.

To summarize the change as I envision it –

  1. Add End Turn Button (Somewhere it won’t accidentally get pressed. Maybe above center Diamond)
  2. The button can be pressed at any point before moves are initiated to End Turn.
  3. The button can be pressed while timer is running to auto-end timer (game still auto-ends turn if timer is started and no more moves are possible).
  4. Once timer is started, turn ends upon timer reaching 0.
  5. The game no longer auto-ends turn prior to player starting timer if no moves are available. Maybe do a fade in/fade out highlight on the End Turn button to indicate no moves are possible or just have a popup message that indicates no possible moves.

I absolutely LOVE having my turn auto ended in PVP when I still have spells left to play. ESPECIALLY when flinging those spells can win me the round, but instead I lose to the next hit. It’s so satisfying

Hi @Jeto ,

I would like to say that I do not think it is needed to allow the player to choose to not play in a turn. If there are moves to be played then you should probably be required to make a play to start the timer. This would be similar to GoW where we are not allowed to skip play in order to avoid a bad situation, but less relevant here as the opponent does not make moves.

I specifically want the fact that I have spells able to be cast to be factored in to the equation when calculating “are there any more moves available?”

I think the problem is that the code to auto-end the turn when the timer is running also triggers when the timer is not running.

If I had to choose between the current setup and your proposed change, I would keep what we already have. I think it’s much better to have the option to keep spells ready for use at a later turn, even if that means your turn may end before you have the chance to finishing casting the spells you wanted to use.

Yes, you should not be required to cast all spells either. I suppose not making a board move is a normal way to end a turn as well. I was just following the Gems of War logic to board moves.

I think a simple end turn button would solve all of these options.

This is still very much a problem in v0.38 as it doesn’t appear any changes were made to this game mechanic.

Playing as an Assassin I use 3 spells plus my Ultimate to populate the board with as many purple gems as possible, intending to use Night Blade (+% damage for each purple gem on the board) as a kind of finishing move. But too often the game decides no further moves are possible just prior to being able to cast this, so clears the board and through doing so clears most of the % benefit I could have had casting the spell. Putting it in Slot 1 for maximum damage gain, newly introduced with 0.38, this is even more annoying as I lose out further from the damage gain of it being slot 1.

Playing Necromancer - the Ultimate skill gems it creates do not play nicely with other gems, so are viewed as an obstructing piece, when further action (exploding them) could be triggered by the player before advancing to the next turn.

Playing Paladin - I have spells that convert other gems, and an Ultimate that can spawn in Shield gems wherever there is a non-matched gem. Again being prevented from doing this because the game is auto-resolving the board too early.

Sorting out the logic causing this to go off prematurely is the ideal fix, but until then as a workaround either having a button appear that we can tap to trigger it, or I’d even go for a player opt-out setting where we can choose to disable the autoresolve and have to trigger it manually each time. Leave it on by default for most players to enjoy a faster experience, but for those trying to maximise the board the option to disable this until the logic is fixed.


Now on v0.39 and it doesn’t seem like anything has been done to improve this.

Exactly as before - spells charged up ready to use, but if the board gets in a position to auto-resolve it does even when the player could take more actions that would change the board.

The examples given last month are exactly the same for the current version.

Another 2 months later and we’re still sitting on 0.39 so issue still present.

The game resolves the board when it thinks no more moves are possible while the player still has spells available that they want to cast before the board resolves.

This has been an issue since it was introduced back in July or August. Add to the wishlist of things that will be fixed in v1.0.