[Reported] Group Formation Bug Introduced In 1.2

Hi CX team,

What’s an update without me posting at least one multiplayer bug? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good news is no hard crash error codes to report. Bad news is that the dev team let a loose end with the guild rework reach the production server and it causes a soft lock that requires force quits and restarts.

To duplicate:

  1. Go to Social Tab
  2. Tap/click “Create Party”
  3. Options selected on the “Create Party” screen do not matter.
  4. On the Party interface, under “Invite to Party”, click/tap “From Kingdom”.

Game will attempt to pull up the revamped Kingdom Roster and fails, resulting in a soft lock (may be trying to find the old roster from 1.1). The “From Friends” option does not cause a lock because it still uses the same system that was in place in 1.1.

Duplicated issue multiple times on both Steam and Android.

Hey @Lyrian

An initial thought is that this could be tied to players in your Kingdom/Friends who have not updated to v1.2 or at least, have not launched the game since we manually pushed the update for anyone who had not already updated.
But that’s only my own musings!

I’ll report this to the team asap, as I reproduced it on my personal account too and grabbed a video!

UPDATE 13/07 - Fix for this issue is currently being tested

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