[Investigating] Party problems: help

So, when trying to join any parties, i can’t. Tried public and private, tried creating my own. Nothing is working. Had members of my kingdom (Insomnia) create a party, same issue. Ive reset my game, my PS4, and my router to no avail…any other suggestions?

Can you describe further what is happening when you try, such as is there any errors, is a specific button unresponsive etc?

If you could grab a video that would be amazing.

Same thing since game dropped. It lets you join party when it wants. Very inconsistent and crashes in battle constantly

I need more information from @Pkrgrl72 and what they are experiencing to confirm if this is a PSN issue like previously reported here

if it’s general desync co-op issues also causing unresponsive party creation or if there is something else.

So I tried joining a public party, error just read that i couldnt join, no error code. Whe i created a private party and invited all in my kingdom, everyone said they couldnt join…no error message, just nothing. I had someone else open a party and invited me in, same issue, no error message, just nothing. Does this help, or do you need more info, and what info would help?

Go to settings, go to network and do a view connection status and view your nat type. Should be type 1 or 2 if you want the least amount of issues with playing with other people. If its any other nat type, that could be your issue right there.

Says nat type 2…so its not that, but thanks for the suggestion.

Here a screenshot of a response from a kingdom member for a party im trying to have after an invite was sent…

This happens all the time, it’s a nuisance. When I receive a PS4 invite it works though.

How do i attach a vid eo to this post? I am clicking on the pic attach, but it says i cant do it from thhere.

Can you upload to YouTube and paste the link?

The party problem has been resolved. Think it was just a bug with the 3.0.

Parties have been bugged for months now…