[Reported] Incomplete moves at time zero take place during next turn

Android 11 on Google Pixel 5

If I am mid-move and the move timer expires, the move is held in limbo and executes during the next turn. If the move results in a match then, timer is started immediately after your previous move. You get no time to think after your previous move OR TO CAST SPELLS, only to react and try to make more matches.
When does this happen?
EVERY time a block is still held by the user when the timer expires.
If block is held off it’s normal resting position when timer expires, the current queue of matches is executed THEN:
A) if the partially completed move makes a match on the NEW layout, then the match sticks and the timer starts without operator action
B) of the partially completed move does not make a match, then the block settles and the timer does NOT start.
What should happen?
Incomplete moves should reset and blocks are settled when the timer expires, no matter what their state of moving was at the time of expiration. Moves made under ONE timer should ALWAYS COMPLETELY SETTLE and should not affect the next timer sequence.
This has been happening for over a week and I incorrectly assumed it had been reported or was going to be fixed because it’s such a bad thing to occur. Also, It’s still happening.

Steps to make it happen again
Make a match to start the timer.
Move another gem but don’t complete the move (lift your finger) before the timer expires.
Then lift. Let the animation happen.
Watch the move continue during the “next” turn.

I had this happen too, a few days ago.

I’ve had this happen a lot. It’s really annoying.

Adding to the pile here, this also happens frequently in Co-Op play when multiple players are on the same enemy at once (such as the mini-boss). One player defeats that enemy and then the game decides to move on to the next match while the other players are still manipulating the game board, resulting in this issue occurring.


Thank you for posting this bug and bringing it to our attention. I’ve submitted this with the Dev Team so this can be fixed.

Thanks again and much appreciated :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

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