[Reported] Oberron's Belt Power Boost Calculates Incorrectly

The gear:


I’m going to presume that Starting Power means the raw unmodified power rating at the start of battle.


Power is colored white, which means unmodified, so 10% of that should be ~220 depending on rounding or truncation.

In-game, when the effect triggers:

First activation:


16 is far less than 220. 1% would be 22 power, so what is being awarded is less than that.

Second activation:


+16 more.

And so on…

Could a team member double check that the calculation on the Keybelt is functioning correctly?


Bumping for visibility. Unsure if this was reported or not.

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Hey @Lyrian

I’m following this up with the team to confirm, but this has been reported it either way!

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