[Fixed in 3.1] Proper gold bonus doesn't apply

@Jeto i was looking to make a gold build and I’ve put in all my items with rich on that i can.
Here’s my base stat.

Here’s my mid game bonus

And here’s my final result at the end.

I really don’t get how this gold bonus is working properly.
Can you look into for us please.

Why is it at the end still only showing 78%?


I just tested this a couple of days ago. The final screen only shows the pre-battle gold bonus (the one you get just with attributes, Elyra…), but the extra gold bonus from gear abilities such as guard’s belt is also counted in the total gold you get. I did several dungeons without the gold bonus enhanced gear and with it, and I always obtained more gold in the latter case than in the former, matching the extra gold bonus from the gear abilities. So we are getting all the gold bonus, it seems to be just a display issue.


So why when I’ve got 3 gold altars over 600 each do I get less than 2k gold sometimes? This makes no sense. It’s like the altars add to the total, but only when they want to.

I feel the gold is wonky. Sometimes I mine for 15 minutes get 2k . Sometimes 6k the differences are huge. This is w 39 percent base also using savior belt up to hundreds of percent bit get low gold in the end? Something not right obviously

I’m reporting this as a bug to the team as it should include item abilities and altars (I believe) but better to report as bug and be wrong than to not.

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3 Gold Alters? Maximum is 2 for a dungeon battle. Or are you referring to something else?