[REPORTED] Extra Gold Coin Dungeon Altar not giving correct amount of additional gold

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I principally run Dungeons at Difficulty X. Any time the altar choice is for bonus gold I accept it. At Diffculty X the amount of bonus gold indicated is 120.

If both altars are gold offers then I would expect to get a boost of 240 gold over what I would typically receive if no gold bonus offers were made or accepted. However I tracked this over approximately 20 runs and the bonus amount was consistently +42 gold per altar accepted.

Details: My current Gold bonus is 21.1%. When running Dungeon Difficulty X and no gold offers occur during either altar selection, my gold total for the dungeon was 706.

I tried to determine what the “base” gold was for the dungeon but was unable to reconcile the amount to a reasonable base; however I can say that consistently I got 706 gold if no gold altars were chosen. (If you die, there appears to be a gold deduction for a successful run; in this case in my data collection, all runs were successful runs with no deaths).

If 1 gold altar was selected my gold total for the run would be 748.

If 2 gold altars were selected, my gold total for the run would be 790.

Again, these numbers were consistent across approximately 20 Difficulty X runs.

I also tested this for half a dozen runs at Dungeon Difficulty VIII. My base gold for a successful no death run was 649, my gold total for 1 altar accepted was 689, my gold total for 2 altar accepted was 729. The altar indicated that the bonus gold for this level of difficulty was 110 gold.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always; not sure

Steps to make it happen again
Occurred consistently with each Dungeon run made at the specified difficulty.

P.S. There is an unnecessary article “a” in the text on the gold award screen. It should read “Almost every action in the game requires some gold to complete”


Hey team, is anyone else experiencing this issue and seeing the gold calculations not behaving correctly?

Yes, the gold bonus for altar does not add up properly.
I never get extra 120 or 240 gold even when I choose those altars.
I believe Sibelios explanation and data are already very detailed and accurate.
Hopefully the devs can check & fix it.

Current Gold Bonus is 21.6%. When running a Level 100 Dungeon, my current gold results are 708, 750, and 792. This is compared to 706, 748, and 792 at 21.2%. The gold altars @100 are still giving only 42 extra gold per altar selected.

This was passed onto the team. :slight_smile:

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