Graphical layout improvement idea for Dungeon Altars

The Dungeon Altars pop-up could be significantly improved if it just used the top two thirds of the screen, rather than taking over the whole screen

This would allow the player to see most of the relevant battle information such as life, armour, spells/mana (you would still miss a couple of things, like gold, weapon damage amount - but these are less relevant the majority of the time) and thus enabling the player to make a more informed choice about which Altar to select


Logged in to put the same feedback. I currently have the option for Altar of healing or Altar of magic. i have no idea what my health currently is so therefore no idea which altar would be better for me.
It would be great to be able to see the bottom 3rd of the screen past the alter selection screen

Being able to see the current values for what each altar choice affects would be very helpful.

Some choices end up being totally useless if that stat was already at max (mana restore, health restore).

I think it was the 0.37 update that added the flag icon between enemies to indicate when the next altar is coming up, but still requires you to remember what your stats are before going into the random altar choice.


Thank you for providing this feedback! This has been sent to the Dev Team to see what they can do.

I like this suggestion as it would be good to know what my current stats are at and how they will be effected by which Dungeon Altar I would choose.

This feedback is much appreciated :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Only note, that currently altars appear over the dying animation and there are no stats on the screen below anyway… This would have to be amended too.