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Ive been frustratingly & sadly experiencing the game timing out during dungeon battles.
Eg. I was doing a Difficulty VII, level 85 Clockwork Halls.
I had the final boss ‘Dwarfeater’ down to 11k life. Maybe 2-3 hits off finishing.
Or so I thought., when the game restarted itself DueTo InActivity… Noooooooo.
(& to have Won would have been quite a milestone for me considering my top gear & spells are stymied at level 35 for lack of materials to raise them … ie. Glyphs)

TBH, these dungeons very long, arduous battles, when I’m only doing 2-3k damage per fleeting hit.
Anyway, can the developers get rid of this time out issue?
(I thought it was my internet connection, until I read about it happening to others too on a post somwhere).
& those Glyphs, how about some more ways to obtain them. Ie. Using in game Gold & as rewards more often huh.
My account has been going approx 6months
I have x3 heroes @ Lvl 50 & x2 others @ level 47.
Main heroes Assassin. Paladin & Berserker.

Plus I find when using Shaman, the green gems are much harder to see.
& hard on my eyes compared to the other colors.
I noted the background darkens on the grid which helps a bit.
But it is not as easy or comfortable matching & playing these green gems.
Maybe they need a tonal or depth of colur tweek???
I love Puzzle Quest games.
I love your graphics.

And I’ve got to say the real life $$$ cost of these in game purchases/ & popups to upgrade is way overpriced.
Reality check please…