Menu pain feedback

@Sallty mentioned in the stream that a dedicated thread to measure feedback on menu issues would be helpful. So I’m starting it.

My personal primary pain points are the number of clicks/taps to navigate in general.

If I had to pick one single boogeyman it would be the double continue on a chest. That shouldn’t be a thing. Also probably super easy fix.

But… having to navigate away from a battle like a dungeon to the hero screen, to adjust your build and then find your way back to that dungeon, is also kind of a clunk. I really don’t like that the default sort order of choices for gear, spells and minions is most recent. I’d love if the game saved OUR most recent search filter choices, instead.

Interface is complicated. No easy fix! But everyone on the planet would probably agree that less clicks/taps is best.


My biggest pain point right now is minion menus when switching between chests.

I would like it to default to your last list selected instead of defaulting back to most recent acquired.

Over the course of 7 or so chests it adds a lot of time.

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Too funny, I was just coming back edit this into my post! haha The minion menu is a pain point. Defaulting to recent kinda feels like the idea is to help with salvaging. (Why else would anyone care?) But it doesn’t help with salvaging for me. I like to know what I have before I decide what to destroy.


Thank you so much for starting this thread! I have let the devs know of the comments made on stream, and have linked them here. I am also collating the points you explore, as we would like to rework our menus in the future to reduce the amount of friction and pain points encountered.

Please continue so we can improve this for you. (And thanks again!)


It would be nice if we could access our gear/spell loadouts from the main battle screen. I’m talking about the screen where you can choose difficulty etc before starting the actual battle. Even if we could just have an option to choose which loadout we wish to use. Being able to swap the active hero in this same screen would be nice also.


Anything else, team?

Be nice if there was less delay in switching menus.

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Um… let’s see…

I think the above posters covered the majority of the super major pain points at the moment. Wracking my head for something else to add to the conversation here,

Adding to this,

  • If a player is in a group, then the default action upon tapping the Social main menu button should be direct the player back to the group screen and not to the kingdom screen.

Adding to this,

  • It may not be feasible to implement, but an optional toggle to sort to the bottom minions that are already on mission or are resting on top of whatever filter the player is using on the minion select screen.

The ability to sort out minions who are on a mission would be fantastic. Also to sort out resting minions would be nice. I love the upgrade available slider so maybe an available slider for minions?

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I guess one for me is the length of animation to see all the loot form a chest. wish it was something like shown all at once rather than revealed one at a time.

Something more UI specific, I think skirmish mode can sometimes have it’s choice reset back to chapter one when going through a few UI screens where you have to navigate back to the selected chapter. Same effect for Dungeons. Go to armor/spells and back to battle and I have re-select the dungeon I was just grinding.

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I think this is turning into three separate issues.

  1. Menu accessibility
  • There are a lot of menus in the game. Probably can’t be helped.
  • Nearly all of the menus can only be accessed from certain screens, which creates a lot of clicking back and forth.

I can’t think of a way to reduce the number of menus due to all of the various parts needing menus. A possible solution to the second part would be to add direct links to the various “frequently needed” areas, to all screens except the animated battles. This would put you back where you were when you were done changing gear or whatever. So before clicking to enter a battle you could click hero, fix your gear, click done and still be on the battle screen.

  1. Menu functionality
  • Search filters could use some more useful options. Particularly with minions.
  • Being able to set our own default search filter would be great

The fix would be to add more filters and add the ability to make our own default. I’m not sure how much of that is feasible.

  1. General interface “pain.”
  • Too many clicks to navigate between activities
  • Animations between battles (victory, loot, chest) can be aggravating

The first part would be improved by the direct link idea, above.
I’m not personally too aggravated by the animations between battles, but perhaps an option to toggle those off would help.

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The task achievement / salvaged items information bubble is really close to the back arrow to change menus.

When I salvage a lot of things or complete several bounties then I have to wait for all of them to rotate and then disappear before I can change menus.

Would be nice if the bubble could be slightly lower or more to the right if possible.

EDIT- Latest patch seems to have solved this already. Thanks! :hugs:

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After playing for about 4 hours the main issue that I have is the size of the text in many of the menus. I think an option to choose text size would be a great improvement. One which I would welcome as tho it were a long lost love. :v: