About Open Chests of Drawers


I can’t see the time. The bonus key is also hard to see.
Please change the font to a color that is easier to read, such as green.
Minions are now very difficult to select.
Please add a bonus chance and time sorting feature.
If you can’t, please return to the original screen.

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I personally love the new quick way to immediately assign a pet. I also agree that there should be some sort of setting for assigning your priorities. To reduce UI noise, this could potentially even in general settings as opposed to the UI.

It could even be the same order that you have set sorting in the minions tab.

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The idea is great (select minion from chest preso screen), but the implementation is very ugly. Just add the vertically-aligned minion selection screen to the right-hand side, rather than this awful 3-wide, unsortable horizontal display.

This new design for minion selection is very poor.

Visually as your screenshot shows Epic minions timer is hard to read against light backgrounds.

Horizontal scrolling rather than vertical needs much more movement to achieve swiping through the list while also showing far less information on screen,

And functionally they inflict a worse sort order and remove the existing options to sort in several different ways.

I would prefer this area to be reverted back to 0.38 as soon as possible while they work on a different redesign if that is their intent rather than addressing other issues with the game.