3 Dungeon Choices Instead of 2

After around 100 level 100 dungeons, it definitely feels like the choice option between dungeon battles could be revamped some. Currently, there is nothing exciting within the two choices that make for much of a game changer. There are also none that have a risk/reward kind of system that makes the dungeon even harder, but rewards more for doing so.

I have two main suggestions:

1: Make the 2 choices into 3 with the choice always between offensive, defensive, and loot.

2: Make different rarity bonuses so it is actually exciting to get a rarer good choice.

Exact specifics could be pretty much anything, but some of them based on rarity (also including existing ones) could be things along the lines of the following.


Gain Weapon Damage
Gain Mana

Gain Power
Gain Max Ultimate Meter (150 mana), but drain all other mana

Go straight to the final boss, but lose all mana and positive status effects
Reduce HP, armor, and resistance to 1, but triple power and weapon damage


Heal HP
Gain Armor and Resistance

Gain Vitality
Lower Power of All Upcoming Enemies and Yourself

Gain Barrier, but lose weapon damage
On next death, revive, but with no mana and 25% durability (same way a coop dungeon death works)


Gain Gold
Gain Exp

(All uncommon and rare require a dungeon clear to receive, otherwise nothing.)
One Random Drop from the dungeon, but half power and vitality
Duplicate Chest at end of dungeon, but shuffle the board and give next enemy full mana

Guaranteed Ruby Chest, but dispel all positive status effects and drain all mana
Guaranteed Diamond Chest, but dispel all positive status effects and drain all mana

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For me, the options feel really lackluster because none of them have any benefit for you during your dungeon run.
Monsters hit too hard so life or armour/resistance one is hot garbage.
Our mana is always 100% full so that one is utterly pointless.
The weapon damage increase at this moment in time, is the most “useful,” but it also barely affects the dungeon run itself. The increase in actual damage is so minimal, its hardly noticeable.

GOLD, something that has some value right now! If you get lucky and double up on gold drops, it’s about 800 gold extra!

These additions give the dungeon runs some spice and makes them less boring to grind out.

I think they should completely rework the altar system.
Your idea is brilliant, and i’ll add some of my thought into this:

Remove all existing altar effect and apply your idea, then integrate the old altar system into basic gameplay.
when NONE of your spell using a certain color, you get special effect from matching them, based on number of gems matched and mastery:
FIRE: Gain a few weapon damage.
ICE: Gain a few armor and resistance.
POISON: Heal you for a small amount.
LIGHT: Gain a small amount of gold.
DARK: Gain a few mana for ALL spells.

And, my idea about the altar, inspired by banners in GoW:
Make only 2 types of altar. Every time you reach altar point, three will appear.
Minor Altar: Two of these appear every time. Each provide a random positive effect.
Major Altar: Provide two random positive effects and a random NEGATIVE effect.

Both merit and demerit are picked randomly from a pool.