[Reported] Sound effects delayed when battles are sped up

Not sure when the “speed up battle” option was added (icon in top right corner), but I definitely like it. However, I’ve noticed that various sound effects are delayed during battle. For example, when ogres appear and roar, the “roar” sound happens about 1-2s after the “roar” action. When the hero swings the sword, the “swoosh” sound happens 1-2s after the swing. When the hero shoots the crossbow, the shooting sound happens after the shooting actin. When a dragon roars, the voice is heard after the face’s roaring action.

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Hey @AeonNhiyr

Thank you for letting us know about this audio issue that’'s happening during sped up battles. I reported this to the Development Team to investigate a fix.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Hi @OminousGMan : Not sure if the development team has already issue a fix, but I’m still having this same issue on Android, FYI