Season Archive & Ancient Coin Bonus Issue

Hi Adventurers,

Some players have been experiencing intermittent issues accessing the Archive since we began our Anniversary replay of Seasons 1.1-1.5.

This issue was related to the overlapping Open Archive and Double Ancient Coins bonus.

The devs were lightning fast and found a fix that is currently being tested, and we expect it to be rolled out in the next week or so once our hotfix is ready to launch.

In the meantime, to ensure that everyone is able to access the Archive without issue, we have disabled the Ancient Coins bonus until the fix is released, and we’ll follow-up with Ancient Coins for everyone once it goes out!

If you would like to be notified of updates to this issue please use the follow feature on the Help Center article about it, here:

Thank you for your patience while we sort this out!


Thanks for the fast response and for the compensation. I thought that being on holidays we would had just to cope with everything for a while, so I really appreciate the effort here. Good work Kafka, thank you very much for your help :slightly_smiling_face: