[Fixed] Can't clear the dungeons in season archive 1.1 with Warlock hero

Platform: PC, Steam
Whenever I clear the dungeon on Hard difficulty with Warlock, at the moment the last boss dies I receive an error message and after restart there is no chest reward. I can clear normal dungeons, only season 1.1 archive causing this error.
Here’s a couple of error codes:

The same error has happened to me also. Again Steam playing on Win PC. New class, season 1 archive.

Update: can’t clear skirmishes either and not only with Warlock, tried a necromancer, skirmish hard more.
And my daily ancient coin limit is also bugged, perhaps it causes an error:


Edit: I can still clear “story replay” battles, including dungeons. Only skirmishes/dungeons in battle tab are bugged.

Hey @tau

Just trying to reproduce what you are experiencing currently, had you used Loot Tickets prior to these battles?

Yes, i’ve used a few loot tickets before that. Now after daily reset my ancient coins are not capped and I can clear the dungeon with no errors.
And I think we should still be able to clear dungeons after our coins are capped for a day, receiving the chests and exp without coins, right?

Was just following up in case it was tied to the issue we have currently where loot tokens weren’t counting to the cap, and this was some weird offshoot of that.

But that’s not the case and the team have found the cause of what you are experiencing, working on getting a fix out for this as soon as we can.

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The fix is on the way! :sparkles:

It is fixed now, thanks o/

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