Seasonal Co-op Should Be A Thing

One of the most talked about things in game is co-op.

Players enjoy talking to each other, tho - most conversations seem to happen in Discord due to the 20 message history limit and the absence of a PM option in game outside of joining a party specifically for chat.


Players love playing WITH each other - even arguably more so than AGAINST each other.

Can we put the idea of Seasonal Co-op battles (at the cost of a seasonal token) on the table for discussion for the future?

I mean, sure, players could co-ordinate, and high level players could use a great deal of time to carry low level players through battles for a couple more seasonal ‘shards’, and more food, ore, and gold drops than they would normally get, but is this so detrimental to the game?

We’re talking about a +1.0% chance at a diamond chest that has a much higher chance of letting you down.

Co-ops are fun. They can be competitive. They give players a chance to showboat. It adds an element to the game we don’t get from daily dungeons, pvp, or telling Xione how much we hate her for not crafting Cold Snap.

Please, please, please.

Make this a thing.

I don’t see a downside to it. And if you do, please tell me why, and perhaps the player base and the Devs can meet halfway on how to make this happen.

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Well, ok. I’ll take the lead on devil’s advocating this for the sake of discussion.

I’d love this too personally, but there would be a number of issues that would have to be considered/balanced to make this a reality.

First thing that immediately pops into my head is token usage. How would that work. Does everyone in the party need to have a token in hand for the party to commence? If so, that can lead to a lot of awkward situations where one out the four party members could gum things up because they are out of tokens for the day. Not a dealbreaker, but annoying for sure.

Does everyone in the party get a free ride based upon the token consumption of the party leader? If so, that could break the ecomonic model the devs are using for Seasons to push players towards Season Passes if players get lots of free rides on someone else’s token. This one potentially a major problem that would have to be scrutinized.

Next thing that pops into my mind is the combination of the Season 30% difficulty bonus with the multiplayer difficulty bonus. The combination of large parties with the Season difficulty bonus could lead to crazy outcomes like level 50 multiplayer parties acting like level 80 or 90 dungeons. That’s probably very undesirable for players.

I don’t believe that the idea is unworkable, but I could definitely see a requirement for every player to consume their own sigils when playing multiplayer if the idea becomes reality.