"FoF" - the Function of Friends

For over two years now I am waiting for a minor use of being ingame friends … but no, nooo, nooooo, noooooooooothing!!!

So what? Is it still a community job coming up with ideas? Here you go:

Aside from coop (what I don’t really call being useful for being friends except you are able to invite them for multiplayer games) I suggest a “friends only” function for the daily challenges. Many new or early mid game players are not able to do all six of them or have to pass on the high level ones.

So why don’t you implement a smaller coop function to invite ONE friend to support with ONE task (six friends for all six tasks). Add (according to the inviters reward lower quality) rewards only for the invited players (best example because of the according bottleneck: the player in need for help would be rewarded with a legendary rune, the invited friend with an EPIC one … and so on).

That way you would give coop gaming in form of daily challenges, communication and matching a huge push and players another possibility to progress or to look out for playing together in general.


I would be happy with a small but steady income of weapon shards. :grinning:
It can be reasoned here: helped with a battle, didn’t I?

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Solid suggestion. This is a feature basically every mobile game already includes and it would be a nice thing while waiting for the mentioned Changes to Co-Op @Jeto mentioned end of march.

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I just want the ability to message a friend or talk with them on a back channel.

You have to resort to the global chat to communicate to a friend:

“Hey, Lazulina! I’m happy for you. You whooped us all silly in the Champion’s PVP. Congrats! See you next time around, friend.”

And then it gets buried in 5 minutes with kingdom solicitations (of which I’m guilty, yes, yes) and questions about where to farm weapon shards.


I am with you here; why not having separate tabs for private convos with the name of the other player shown as head line when they at least aren’t able to implement a “private chat system”.

This would be a possible solution to avoid your described scenario when it is necessary to “have deals” with other players.

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I’ve passed on some of these suggestions and feedback to the team