Archive coop dungeons and skirmish

I don’t know if this has been brought up yet or not but, I’d really like to see us be able to grind out coop dungeons in the archives.
If everyone in the party has it unlocked then we can do it but if someons hasn’t opened it yet then don’t let them do it.
How does that sound @Jeto ?
Is that something that may be possible in the future of the game?
Thanks for reading


I think something like this has been mentioned, especially after Yog Thad was released in the last Season there was a lot of feedback for

  • more options to fight season bosses
  • harder battles for end gamers
    • which would lead to better rewards

But I can add co-op to my notes as well, but obviously once that mode has been stabilised

Also already requested the ancient coin cap be increased


There’s an ancient coin cap?
I never knew that.
How much is the cap? @Jeto


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Oh. That. I see. I thought you meant what we can hold in our inventory.
Yeah. I’m all for increasing the daily coin cap.
Thank you.

Fingers crossed for some great improvements coming soon.