Seasonal spell rarity when bought

I have a level 43 spellbook; if I buy Soul Syphon from the 1.3 rewards, which currently lists the poison infliction as 2 turns, will it still be 2 turns when added to my spellbook? Or will it be brought up to match the level of the book?

I’m really hoping I don’t have to spend thousands of ancient coins levelling up a single spell.

I am afraid the Spring Siphon’s poisoning effect is rarity dependent. So you will receive it at 2 turns and you would need to purchase further spell pages to evolve it (3 turns at uncommon, 4 turns at rare, 5 at epic…). The healing amount, on the contrary, is level dependent so it will be brought up to match the level 43 spellbook.

I’ll leave it then, I’m not spending all my ancient coins on one spell.

Better to wait until they do something about the seasonal spell issue, indeed.

Will be a longer while … they just have multiplied the things they have to fix with prio by around 10. And the list already before did get longer … and longer … and longer.

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