What's a fair price for seasonal spell pages?

Just interested in players opinions here. I think that 200 coins for 50 pages in too much.

I feel 1 coin per page is a fair deal.

How about everyone else?

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200 coins should buy you 500 spell pages IMO. That way you have the riskier method of buying caches or the safer, but slower way of getting them for coins.

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I would be ok with either option.

I find the seasonal spell pages this month dropping at a decent pace (with the season pass chests), but it would be nice if you choose pages over caches that your progress would move along at the same pace as if you got lucky in cache.

That’s because there’s only 2 spell this season, not 4, so we’ve got a better chance of getting what we want (Field of Dreams).

I like this aspect of the season; I’d rather have 2 good spells (although Field of Dreams is better than good) than 4 OKish spells.

Both of the new spells are really good.

Ive enjoyed both of them, im hoping to have them both Mythic before the end of this - im legendary on one. I was getting worried because I had been waiting on an Epic poision scroll and it just wasnt coming, but finally came in. Im sure the next couple rounds of spell pages will be a bear, but ill work my way through it

Unpopular opinion apparently, but I think seasonal pages are sufficiently available in chests and caches.
I would argue that removing the offer makes sense at this point.
Not every deal has to be a “good” deal.

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That is an interesting take! I think if its readily available in other ways it doesnt have to exist where it does now.

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