[Select 'Play Now'] Mobile client keeps prompting to download content

On iOS, when selecting Download Everything First, the game appears to download the content but next time you start the game, you’re prompted again. I’ve seen this prompt at least 6 times since the update.

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Also happening on android too

Pixel 6a

Android 13

Build Number T1B3.221003.003

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Same galaxy s22 ultra
Android 13

Hey all,

Does this keep appearing when you select either ‘Play Now’ or ‘Download’ or only when selecting Download each time?

@Jeto I was having this problem too. It kept asking me to download a 21mb load. However, once I clicked “Play Now”, I didn’t get the download request on future instances of opening the game.

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Lyranica had this issue today, and was choosing the Download All option. Screenshots from her:

Directed her to choose the Play Now option and am observing the situation on her end.

Have to admit though… the pure black background is kind of cool to look at.

The second & third screenshot is a different issue, reported here

But have you escaped this loop also by selecting Play Now?

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Pressing play now stops the prompt from reappearing. My guess is the download all option is failing to actually download all assets and so the game then prompts you again.

Maybe the missing asset bundle is related to this?

And where can we get “Dark Mode”?

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Lyranica is saying that she is not experiencing the issue any longer after choosing Play Now. I’ve had her reboot the game several times just to make sure and she has not seen the download screen reappear.

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This bug seems to have been resolved. I can now choose download all and I can see it successfully downloading the content and then I’m not prompted again if I restart the client.