Some ideas about spell system and others

Current spell system make it very inefficient to invest on spells, and that requires some rework - I think many players share the same thought. Here’s my own idea about this.

  1. Remove Power stats, and replace it with Might and Magic.
    Might improve all physical damage, no matter it’s melee or ranged, or a physical damage spell.
    Magic improve all non-physical (aka elemental) damage, including elemental damage from normal attack, or bonus damage from weapon passive.
    Elemental Mastery give bonus to certain elemental, but give fewer bonus than Magic, like the Power stats currently did. It still increase your mana gain.

  2. Add a new affix called Magical, which increases magic. Strong give bonus to might.
    All gears that give strong on 1st slot will now give strong OR magical instead, and it’s NOT reforgeable.
    Gears affected: weapon, shield, ring, belt, necklace.
    Magical will appear at 2nd or later affix slot like strong does.

  3. Change some weapons (example: Wands, Tomes, Orbs) to make them deal non-physical damage, so they will benefit from Magic instead of Might.
    And, improve XXX strike affix to make your weapon also deal a few bonus elemental damage.

  4. Reverse the mastery bonus of gear and spell. Gear gain +1 mastery per level and Spell should gain up to +320 mastery from rarity and level.

  5. Add 3 affix slot for spells.
    The first one will be Might, Magic or Life, depend on spell. E.G. a spell that converts give Life, a spell that create skulls or do physical damage give Might, others give Magic. It unlocks at uncommon.
    The second one and the third one give affixes that UNIQUE to spells. The second one will unlock at Level 25 and the final one will unlock at Level 50.
    Unlike a gear, spell will not get their second and third affix automatically. Instead, you must ask Xione for help. Xione will provide “Metamagic” function, allow you to alter the spell in the form of affixes.
    Some ideas about affixes:
    —For 2nd slot—
    Empower: The power and mana cost of this spell was doubled.
    Overload: The power of spell was doubled, but it can’t be cast on turn 1, and has 1 turn cooldown.
    Quickcast: Gain 50% mana at the beginning of combat, but the first cast was weakened.
    Hexproof: This spell do 90% damage instead of 50% when hexed.
    Culling: This spell do 25% bonus damage against enemies with at least one negative effect.
    Bloodmagic: Can cast spell without full mana at the cost of 25% of total health.
    Bonedigger: Create 2 skulls after cast.
    Darkness: Convert a big gem into dark gem.
    —For 3rd slot—
    Freezing: Freeze enemy for 1 turn after cast.
    Burning: Burn enemy for 1 turn after cast.
    Venomous: Poison enemy for 1 turn after cast.
    Immense: Further improve the power of spell (number affected by rarity is bumped).
    Chaincast: Gain 25% mana back after cast.
    Reach: An overkill cast will do excess damage to the next.