Stream Quest (Developer Stream Schedule)

Lockdown continues to foil my plans, this will be happening next week and unfortunately it will be happening solo.

Until more devs can come into the office I will be streaming alone, so please let me know what you would like me to cover on the stream outside of playing through the beginning, explaining systems, and enjoying the storyline. There won’t be any preview streams just yet, as we are very early days, but they will be coming in the future before major updates and content releases.


Well, forum regulars are surely going to ask for a bunch of information about 0.37 that you probably don’t have clearance to discuss publicly.

Outside of that, thinking of things that could be shown off that have low chances of throwing server errors on-stream, do you have clearance to show off the other character classes and to light demo some of their skills/abilities to the public to show different play styles in game?

  • I’d be interested in seeing or hearing about plans for Party battles. What the interaction is supposed to be. What the benefits/draw will be.
  • Interested in seeing some drop rate info for gear and if those drop rates are impacted by dungeon/skirmish levels. Does a Level 80 Dungeon have a higher chance of dropping an Epic/Legendary than a Level 50? If so, how much? Does a Dungeon have a higher chance than a Skirmish?
  • Any plans for Kingdom Wars/Battles
    • vs other Kingdoms
    • Kingdom Raids, where the Kingdom teams up to defeat a Level 500 boss/dungeon or whatever.
  • Any plans for true PvP battles where you play against a live opponent. Turn based? Time based?
  • Any plans for Global Events like: 2x chest drop rates, 3x Ore, 2x Crystals, etc. Could be tied to a story line event or completion of something.
  • Any QoL plans to help people save time in-game to avoid burnout or the sense of drudging through content?
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No chance to preview new hero classes yet, but when they are further into development I will absolutely be doing that as soon as I can!

When more content for kingdoms has been implemented I will be able to show this off, but until then I won’t be able to preview the content or talk too much about the plans. We will be testing this content internally for a while before I am allowed to show anything on stream, or even talk about it. (Changes are often made during this time and if I talk about something early and it is changed, even if I mention it’s not final, it can lead to disappointment for the playerbase.)

At this time we don’t have any plans for live PVP, due to some technical restraints and other issues. However, it has been mentioned to the dev team, so you never know!

A lot of the questions here aren’t things that I can’t stream about, as they aren’t stream content, so I apologise for that in advance.

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I think this comment was pointed at me?

If so, I wasn’t referring to new classes. Obviously that would be cool, but also obviously you can’t show off classes that aren’t complete yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was referring to the other 4 classes that are currently in-game that aren’t the Paladin. Outside of Early Access players, the general public does not know about the other classes in-game that I think are considered to be working correctly?

You would have a great time playing a skull-build Necromancer. Toss in maybe an Ice Storm spell for Gorogtha-like exploding action and you might as well be playing one of your GoW on-stream teams. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I was planning to play as a skull build Necromancer, how did you know?

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People play games and builds in those games that appeals to them. Sometimes they try new things and enjoy the experience, but at the end of the day often go back and revisit what they are passionate about.

Skulls and exploding things seem to be your strong suit in RPG match-3 games, and the energy you present on stream when demoing teams of this style in GoW is much higher than when demoing other team types.

Case in point, while I very much enjoy the skull build necromancer experience, I went back to my old tried and true healer class and build and that meant locking in on the Shaman (Lyranica could not roll her eyes any harder back into her skull over that decision, lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

When I finish my Legendary build for my Shaman (almost there finally!), I definitely want to go back and work on the skull build Necromacer again as my secondary character.

Must have been a thrilling stream given all the chatter.

Stream is back today. Will be a little delayed due to some tradies in my house, but fingers crossed not to long. (Looking like a 6 45 - 6 55 PM PDT start.)

Typically the chatter happens in stream. :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick heads up, no stream tomorrow. Resuming next week.

And that was another filthy lie, I apologise. We are back next week. Life circumstances are making it hard to get into a routine, plus there’s a lot of public holidays atm.

If there’s anything you particularly want highlighted in this stream, give me a yell.

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Would love to hear what current ideal plans are for the 1.0 gameplay loop and progression, as currently the game requires 2+ hours just for the DAILY system and even playing the game for dozens of hours a week can leave accounts with nearly 0 substantial progress.

Glyphs are near nonexistent, upgrading to legendary and mythic is near impossible, and many things within the game have an issue of not having enough storage (such as gear) and/or not enough things to use the resource on (such as food and gold).

Couple of related things,

  1. Will there be one more update (0.38) before the worldwide launch (1.0)?

  2. If so, will the rest of the currently partially implemented rebalance be completed before worldwide launch so that we can test and/or become accustomed to these changes?

  3. Are there any plans being considered to make pets more valuable, to incentivize players to pursue Minion Glyphs to upgrade them?

K I N G D O M S T U F F.


Word on the street is…

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